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We have finally wrapped up our first three trunk radio systems, LTR, Motorola, and EDACS.  Scanners that monitor these three systems are usually called “Trunk Tracker III” scanners.  They are scanners that do not support pure digital trunk systems such as P25, DMR (MotoTRBO), or NXDN.

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Trunk Tracker III Scanner Reviews

Uniden BCT15X

Unfortunately, the only scanner that you can buy new that supports EDACS, LTR, and Motorola is the Uniden BCT15X.    This isn’t to say that other scanners that you can buy new won’t do those systems, it is just that those other radios also support P25 and cost considerably more money.

The Uniden BCT15X has been one of my favorite “analog” trunking scanners and it is one that I recommend to anyone who is looking for a new radio or a radio to start with that does not need to worry about P25 or DMR.

Besides being the only scanner now you can purchase new and sits between the expensive P25 models and the entry models, I like the BCT15X for the following reasons:

  • It has 9,000 memory locations.
    • These are used to save channels, talk groups, trunk sites, and systems
  • Unit IDs / Radio IDs can be alpha tagged
  • Memory locations can be mapped to a quick key
  • IF Exchange
  • Key Safe Mode
  • Fire Tone Out Search and Fire Tone Out Standby
  • Force Scan Resume.
  • Priority on Trunk Radio Talk Groups

I go into detail on this week’s session on the above features.

Looking for something different?

I discuss several options if you are looking for a used scanner as well in this week’s session!

Need a Manual?

Uniden’s manuals need help.  Luckily there is a website for that.   Mark’s Scanners is a great website for online “easier to read” manuals.

Need a print version of his online guides?  Check out this link here and purchase a guide for you or a buddy.  (note – this is another affiliate link)


Bonus Material:

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Download our new e-guide, “5 Thinks You Need to Know Before Buying Your First Scanner”.   This free PDF is about 30 pages long and has 5 things you should look for, plus a few extra bonus items to make sure you make an educated purchase.

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