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Let's talk about 10 ways that you can use your old analog radio in today's digital scanning environment



What You Will Learn in This Week's Podcast:

  • Marine monitoring is the thing that anyone can do with any scanner.
  • Aircraft monitoring can be done worldwide
  • Railroad is moving to NXDN here in the US, but most of RR is still analog only.
  • Weather Alert Standby is a feature in many newer analog scanners
  • SKYWARN traffic is typically on amateur radio analog repeaters.
  • Fire Tone Out is another feature found in many analog scanners.
  • News and media frequencies are very busy and you can hear interesting transmission on those frequency ranges.
  • Shopping malls and departmental store use FRS radios that are analog.
  • Put your old analog scanner in search mode, put it into close call mode, and see what is close to you or what is around you.
  • You can tap into discriminated baseband audio or raw audio or unprocessed or unfiltered audio of the board of your scanner.

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