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What do preppers need to know about scanners? 

I've been on several prepping podcasts lately and this this is a common question. 

What do you need to know about using scanners ?

Do you know what to do before the emergency?

What kind of scanner do you need?  How do you set it up?


What you need to know

  • I have 10 things every prepper needs to know about scanning.
  • 1: Know how to use your scanner before the emergency.
  • 2: How to buy the right scanner for your area.
  • 3: Realize that things do change and can change over time.
  • 4: Know where to buy a scanner.
  • 5: Where to get a scanner programmed
  • 6: What you need to know about antennas
  • 7: What are the important frequencies or talk groups in use in your area?
  • 8: Batteries
  • 9: Know the NOAA Weather Frequencies
  • 10: Know how to enable and disable those “nuisance checks”

Links and Sources from this session:

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Bonus Material:

Are you looking for your first scanner radio?

Download our new e-guide, “5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Your First Scanner”.   This free PDF is about 30 pages long and has 5 things you should look for, plus a few extra bonus items to make sure you make an educated purchase.

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